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In the current version of the rules, the following passages are incomplete or could be misunderstood:

Level "VII" in the competences: If all characters are at level "VII" in the competences, they are all "leading".

Compensation after having lost the third (or fourth, etc...) province in a row: A player who owns "Compensation II" and loses another province, recieves "Compensation II" again.

Escape temporally before Compensation: After a succesful attack the "Escape" of the defending character takes place before the "Compensation (I or II)". This may be important for the competences.

A list of answered rule-questions, sorted by topic:
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Questions to Supplies:

Question: Is it possible, e.g. if the amount of gold isn't sufficient, to choose to take the remaining amount of gold as "Supplie of Rome" instead as supply from a province?
Answer: Yes. If the amount isn't sufficient, the player can decide freely where to either take supply or not.

Question to Civil Servants:

Question: Which compensation do I recieve, if I lose three provinces in a row?
Answer: Starting with the second province in a row, you receive "Compensation II" for every further lost province. So, e.g. you lose 3 provinces in a row you recieve "Compensation I" once and "Compensation II" twice.

Question to compensation and escape:

Question: If the defending character loses an attack and has no adjacent provinces to move into, what happens? Does he move to ANY of his provinces? Is this situation even possible?
Answer: When you have to escape, you can escape to any of your provinces.

Question: I lose the province where my character is placed at the moment. I receive the "Escape Card". Do I receive the "Compensation (I or II)" too?
Answer: Yes. You recieve "Compensation (I or II)" after every loss of a province. This is completely independent from the "Escape Card".

Question: In a province the character as well as two Civil Servants (one of them "idle") are placed. The province is conquered and the character has to escape. What happens to the Civil Servants?
Answer: Civil Servants are always left in the province when the character has to escape. They both stay in the province and now belong to the conquerer.

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