About Us

We’re the world’s youngest designer-duo ;-)
Or do you know a younger one?

In May 2003 we started developing complex boardgames. Our first project – The End of the Triumvirate – was published in October 2005 by Lookout Games.
From the beginning we based our development on the historical scenario.
Complicated historical contexts were realized by the use of intricate mechanisms. They were improved and simplified during the testing-process. Finally we reassembled the elements of the game to create a logical game-system instead of the “historically” grown set of rules.

At the designer-meeting in Göttingen 2004 we presented our prototype to win external testgamers. In the following months a total of 100 players tested the game, making it possible to balance the various possibilities and strategies. At the fair in Essen (Spiel’04) we interested Lookout Games in our game and one year later we were part of the crew ourselves. In self-made togas we presented the game to the public.

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About Us
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