The Game

It is the year 56 B.C., the Roman Republic is torn by civil war. The historical three man council, the first Triumvirate between Caesar, Pompeius and Crassus could not be renewed at the conference at Luca, and a bitter struggle broke out between the three rivals.

The box of the game ''The End of the Triumvirate'' by Johannes Ackva und Max Gabrian (click to enlarge)

Becoming emperor

The player who reaches one of the following three aims, becomes emperor and wins the game directly:

  • Being elected as Consul twice (political victory)
  • Possesion of nine provinces (military victory)
  • Extraordinary political and military skills (competence victory)

Through the variety of victory-conditions, each player can be next to victory at the same time. This makes the game intensive and thrilling till the last turn.


To reach these aims, the players are drawing supplies from their provinces, collect gold that has been encashed by their governors and raid through the provinces of their enemies.
They increase their skills: Political skill to persuade citiziens to be elected consul at the end of the year. Military skill to buy weapons that may influence the player's luck at the next battle.

Every player takes on the role of one of the three rivals and plays the three following phases during his turn:

1. Supplies

The player receive supplies: Legions and gold. Through the placement of his civil servants, he can focus on either additional legions or additional gold – depending on his strategy.

2. Movement

The player moves through his provinces to collect gold and to relocate his legions. Also he may attack and conquer provinces of his enemies. In this case, the Battle Bag – the only element of luck – comes into play and influences the battle’s result.

3. Actions

Using his collected gold, the player can execute up to three actions. Depending on the type of province he ended his movement in (political, military or competence province), the options of actions are different: In political provinces he may increase his political skills and persuade citiziens to be elected consul at the end of the year. In military provinces he increases his military skill and produces weapons to improve his situation in the Battle Bag. In competence provinces, finally, the player may increase both skills to reach competence victory.

Our philosophie

All in all the game is built on simple and initiutive mechanisms that intertwine intensivily to provide a complex and varied gameplay. Basing the game design on the historical context, historical flair draws through the whole game.

Enter the time of Caesar and rewrite history!
May Jupiter smile on you!

The box of the game ''The End of the Triumvirate'' by Johannes Ackva und Max Gabrian (click to enlarge)
Playing Time:60 - 90 Minutes
Number of Players:     2 - 3
Designers:Johannes Ackva and Max Gabrian
Publisher:Lookout Games 2005

If you're interested in the details of the gameplay, you find the rules here. Also you can get some information about the historical background of the game.

The rules of the game are also available in the following languages: German, Frensh, Spanish und Italian.

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